Victor bio

      Victor is an award-winning artist who holds an MFA from Pratt Institute. His work has appeared in the promotion of the top clients of the corporate, publishing, and entertainment worlds, such as; Sony, Seagrams, RJ Reynolds, American Express, General Foods, Playboy, Hearst, Random House, Harper Collins, NBC, Time Warner, Paramount, United Artists, MGM, Lucas Films, Disney, and Universal, to name a few.

Awards received include one from The Hollywood Reporter for his work on prominent movie posters. He received the second place drawing award in the Art Renewal Center's 2009 Annual International Competition. He has created album covers for various artists, posters for Broadway plays, and collectables for the Bradford Exchange, and Franklin Mint.

His work has been featured in publications including; Communication Art’s Illustration Annual 50 for which he won an Award of Excellence, Society of Illustrators Annual 43, Direct Art Magazine Volume 14, Aphrodisia II -The Art of the Female Form, Treasures from the Permanent Collection of the Leslie Lohman Foundation-All Saints Press, Powerfully Beautiful- Firehouse Studio Publication, and Dirty Little Drawings, and Stripped published by Bruno Gmunder.

He accepts portrait commissions and his work can be found in the collections of  George Lucas,  Clint Eastwood,  Alan Alda, Mr. & Mrs Andrew Tisch, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kravis and other prominent New York City families.

His experience with group and one person exhibitions is as follows:

2011 Atlantic Gallery, Concealment & Disclosure, N.Y.C.

2011 P.J.S. Exhibitions, Seduction, N.Y.C.

2010 Campbell Soady Gallery, The Tattoo Show, N.Y.C.

2009 MDH Fine Art, The Art of Romance. N.Y.C.

2008 MDH Fine Art, Body of Work, N.Y.C.

2008 Leslie Lohman Gallery, The Line of Fashion, N.Y.C.

2008 Leslie Lohman Gallery, Art Actually, N.Y.C.

2007 Kathleen Cullen Fine Art, Change At Babylon, N.Y.C.

2007 Leslie Lohman Gallery, Dark Ride, N.Y.C.

2007 Leslie Lohman Gallery, Boy Bordello, N.Y.C.

2006 Leslie Lohman Gallery, Entranced, N.Y.C.

2006 Passions Gallery, Collectors Exhibition, Provincetown, Ma.

2005 Leslie Lohman Gallery, Dirty Little Drawings, N.Y.C.

2005 Passions Gallery, Collectors Exhibition, Provincetown, Ma.

2004 Barbara Ann Levy Gallery, Hot New Works Fire Island, N.Y.

2004 Leslie Lohman Gallery, Allure, N.Y.C.

2004 Passions Gallery, Collectors Exhibition, Provincetown, Ma.

2003 Leslie Lohman Gallery, Forbidden Visions, N.Y.C.

2003 Passions Gallery, Spiritual Fantasies, Provincetown, Ma.

2002 Leslie Lohman Gallery, Feast Of Desire, N.Y.C.

2001 Society of Illustrators Annual Winners Exhibitoon, N.Y.C.

2000 through 1997 Society of Illustratrors, N.Y.C.

1996 Salmagundi Club, Realism, N.Y.C.

1995 National Arts Club, Allied Artists 81st Annual N.Y.C.

1995 Parkersberg Art Center, Realism 95 (Award of Excellence), Parksberg, W.V.

1995 Gallery 84, National Juried Exhibition, N.Y.C.

1994 Parkersberg Art Center, Realism 94 (Second Place), Parkersberg, W.V.

1994 Port Royal Gallery, Romance and Americana, Naples, Fl.

1993-92 Society of Illustrators, N.Y.C.

1991 Ariel Gallery, Winners Exhibition, N.Y.C.

1990 Paula Cooper Gallery, N.Y.C.